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Hi , my name is Carmen and I am a lifestyle Photographer in Cape Town. I am grateful for life on this incredible planet and cherish each day! My creativity is inspired by the sights, sounds, and colours of the earth and surrounding sky and galaxies. I love people & their diversity. I love walking in the mountains, swimming in the ocean , looking up at the night sky. Dancing with wild abandon and connecting to my spirit. I love long chats and laughter with friends. I honour and love my little family:-) My daughter being the brightest light in my life.
Life is so very complexed and beautiful, and I want to share that with you.
My aim is to create natural , inspiring modern imagery for myself and my clients.
With my high level of professionalism, I adhere to create imagery you will be proud of and love looking at for years to come.

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Recent blogs

Yoga lifestyle shoot
Lifestyle photography Portrait photography Yoga 
Yoga Lifestyle shoot
5 August 2019 by Carmen 

Yoga Lifestyle shoot My friend Janet , Soul sister & Inspirational human being. A beautifully skilled...

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Engagement Photos Portrait photography 
Engagement photos
5 August 2019 by Carmen 

Engagement photos I have the honour of taking the Engagement photos and  photographing the upcoming...

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Birthday Party Photography Event photography 
Friendship Photography 
5 August 2019 by Carmen 

Friendship Photography  When I do get to attend a 13th birthday party and this kind of friendship photography,...

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Commercial Lifestyle Commercial photography 
Commercial photo shoot in Cape Town
3 August 2019 by Carmen 

Commercial photo shoot in Cape Town I have a brilliant client called EverEarth that does their Commercial...

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Business portrait Corporate Photography Corporate portrait 
2 August 2019 by Carmen 

Headshot If you’re a business owner, a corporate , a blogger, a writer … anyone with a professional...

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Head shots of business & corporate portraits.
Business portrait Corporate Photography Corporate portrait 
Headshots for business people
20 May 2019 by Carmen 

I also specialise in headshots for business people. I love bringing a natural authenticity to corporate...

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Family photography Lifestyle photography 
Travel photography for a family on holiday in Cape Town
9 May 2019 by Carmen 

The best part of travel photography, for me, is that I just love photographing families. Being able to offer...

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Beautiful Beings Photography Lifestyle photography Portrait photography 
Friendship Photo Shoot
6 May 2019 by Carmen 

Friendship photo shoot. Oh my what a glorious bevy of Malawian beauties and how lucky I was be to asked...

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Beautiful Beings Photography Business portrait Lifestyle photography Portrait photography 
Lifestyle Business Photography
6 May 2019 by Carmen 

Lifestyle Business Photography I like to spend a good two hours with my clients capturing their business...

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